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Orchids™ is an Electronic Transaction and Online Payment System designed for Nigeria Tertiary Institutions to make an online payment, and access to Student Registration and as simple as possible. It helps Institutions to eradicate problems that arise when dealing with online payment with scratch cards, and related online registrations when planning for new admission processing.

Orchids™ Solution is a web-based application that helps institutions to process Pre ND, Pre Degree, ND, HND, BSc, MSc, and BeD informations, POST UTMEs, Result Checking, Admission Status, School Fees Payment, Course Registration for Institutions and their Online Registrations with ease.

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Orchids™ E-transactions delivers complete Technology solutions to businesses that improve our clients' business efficiency and enable them to meet Technology project goals. We architect, design, plan, develop, execute and deliver applications to meet our clients requirements.

Orchids™ allows enterprises to eliminate paper as quickly as possible, potentially at its source, and provides the most cost effective and easy-to-manage mechanism for on-ramping business-related content into a business process as it is generated.


Benefit from reduced paper handling and data entry costs, faster processing and fewer exceptions by embedding Orchids as an add-in application into existing portals.


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